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  • Babies"R"Us Registry

    Babies"R"Us Registry

    This past weekend I finally had some time to grab the last items remaining on my registry and headed out to Babies"R"Us. I saw some of my favorite items at the store and figured I share what some of those items are with you all. 

    The 4Moms Breeze Playard is simple to use and easy on the eyes. With one push of a button, it expands and with a pull on the handle, it collapses! How easy! As you build your registry, and as these items begin to take over your living space, you'll notice that some are much more decor friendly than others. This would include the 4Moms Breeze Playard and the 4Moms Mamaroo Bouner.

    Three years ago when we had our son, 4Moms hadn't come out with their items in stores, so we had purchased the little sheep swing. Which worked out fine but it only swings the baby. Whereas the Mamaroo moves like you do when holding your baby and the sounds are much more pleasant to have on during the day. 

    Since we are STILL searching for our home (the market SUCKS!) I haven't set up a nursery for Aarya Ali yet. She has all the basics (including an awesome tufted rocking chair) in our master bedroom currently, therefore I've kept a few furniture pieces in mind. Like the one below. I am in love with the grey tones and am hoping to use grey, blush pink and gold for her room.

    Now that we have two kiddos (I am still adjusting to saying "my kid(s)") we will need a double stroller...if we must! There are some great options to pick from at Babies"R"Us, I couldn't narrow it down to just one. We will need to spend some more time looking at the options with the assistance of their staff. 

    Gotta love a one stop shop for EVERYTHING baby related.

    It just can't get any better than Babies"R"Us

    ....and of course we can't forget the amazing toy selection! Z is in toy heaven.

    *This post is sponsored by Babies"R"Us*

  • Seeking Love

    Recently, I had a sweet gal reach out to me with her question and I replied back with my answer. Take a moment to read below, share with sisters who may be feeling similar frustrations or concerns. If we all share openly and help one another without judgement, imagine what community we could build, God willing. 


    Hopefully you and your baby are doing well and your family is excited about Eid. I'm not quite sure why I am reaching out to you. I've always admired you on Instagram- I followed you awhile ago and mentioned to my friend how beautiful you were because she was following you too. To be honest, I'm not sure what I think is going to come out of this email but I am really at a loss of what to do so... I guess I just want to know how you even found love. I'm pretty old (28) and I've never been in love or even a serious relationship. People have come up with all types of excuses for me - but the truth is I just don't know why it hasn’t happened for me yet. I have definitely been religious, relied on God and prayed so much over the years but it just hasn't happened. I put my faith in God and accepted guys who weren't very good because they were outwardly religious - if that makes sense- the types who make sure to pray taraweeh but don't care how they treat people - and even then it didn't work out. I don't really know why I'm writing this to you, just feel like perhaps I'm going to be alone forever and most or all of my friends are married, engaged, in a serious relationship or at least have been and I don't want to be a Debbie downer with them when I feel like I've already talked to them about it. How did you fall in love? Maybe it's just not possible for everyone because it's just so special and rare? Was there a certain dua you made? I've looked up many different ones over the years.


    Salaam to you!! 

    Thank you for your email, here is what I could share with you that hopefully will help shed some light on to your path in life. 

    First of all, you are NOT old! I understand there is pressure to find a good match, settle down and start your life together (isA) which will happen in due time. But, until then, remember your age but don't dwell on it. 

    Pick your top 3 or 5 MOST important qualities or traits that a man in your future life will need to possess. For example, for me, it was that he was inwardly religious and spiritual. What I mean by that is to not just pray, but to also think of the higher purpose of life. Question things he reads and researches the answers, which ultimately helps with a better understanding of our beautiful religion.

    Secondly, I definitely did not want someone who would even socially or occasionally drink alcohol. Unfortunately, there are many Muslim men who do all their religious duties but on the weekend will have a drink or two. That was going to work for me.

    The third most important quality I wanted my husband to possess was that he was ambitious/hardworking. I didn't care what he drove, or what career path he would want to embark on. I just wanted to know that he was driven, had a vision, goals, wasn't afraid to roll up his sleeves and put in some sweat for what he wanted in life.

    Those were the three areas I focused in on, and heavily prayed for. I also had researched the Isthikhara prayers and would occasionally wake up in the middle of the night, when silence was all around me and make the prayer/dua. I would allow myself to truly dig deep, let my guard down, cry on the prayer rug to Him. Asking Him for guidance and help, that is what I truly believe help lead me to my husband.

    Hope all of the above helps you realize that your concern is one that many (MANY!) girls, from different backgrounds, feel at one point or another in their life. Your intentions are so very good. Don't waste your time with anyone who isn't worth your time and continue to have faith in Him. isA it will all work out just fine...don’t ever lose hope, it all happens when you least expect it.



  • StripesXSuede

    There comes a time in your life, where you truly have to remind yourself what is important. Lately for me, it's been all about slowing things down and pacing myself. When you have been juggling so many things in your life, for so long, it just feels normal to always be working on one thing and thinking about the next thing. I am happy to report, I have been doing well! Soaking up every moment and being present, for my own sake!

    On (a fashion) another note, I LOVE nautical wear! I mean, seriously, it’s become an obsession. Something about the hues, stripes, and the idea of living somewhere near the beach (one day!) just gives me a sense of peace! To really make this outfit my own, I paired the denim top with an amazing and dreamlike suede skirt. Spring is still all about layering for the bi-polar weather.

    Outfit Details:

    Trench Coat: HM (Click Here: Trench)

    Denim Top: HM (Click Here: Top)

    Earrings: Vintage

    Striped Purse: Aldo (Click Here: Purse)

    Suede Skirt: Zara (Click Here: Skirt)

    Striped Heels: ASOS (Click Here: Shoes)

    Kalima Necklace: Jewel Thief Afareen 

    Photography by my dear gal: Maral Noori 

  • 5 Basic Guidelines for a Perfect Wardrobe

    Do you ever look at your overcrowded wardrobe and think of everything you don’t own or how you have nothing to wear? Me too! Well, sometimes... If you are deciding to re-vamp your wardrobe, make sure you focus on the five simple and basic guidelines for a perfect wardrobe! As the season of spring cleaning is upon us, I thought it would be an ideal time to revisit these key principles, so we can all identify what to clear out, and what we need to buy just in time for the warmer weather...whenever the warmer weather decides to arrive that is.

    1. Quality

    You would want your wardrobe to have staying power! What I mean by that is to invest and spend a bit more (AT TIMES) on QUALITY items to save money in the long run. It's tempting to want to grab items off of sale racks or shop at stores that aren't known for their quality. But more often than not, those items have flaws and/or haven't been made to last longer than one season. Sales are tempting but those items aren't necessarily what you need or even want. Just because it's on sale, doesn't mean it belongs in your closet. 

    2. Variety

    The best outfits are comprised of a combination of staples and a few statement, trend-driven pieces. So, if your closet lacks variety and you don’t have options for both categories, you’re always going to feel unsatisfied with your wardrobe. Best thing to do is first, focus on what you have that's considered the foundation of your wardrobe (the TIMELESS, investment pieces) and work upwards from there. 

    3. Form & Function 

    My most-loved wardrobe pieces fulfill both form and function qualities. One can't truly be appreciated without the other. I bet you have no problem buying beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing clothes (fulfilling the “form” half of the equation), but the item also MUST be practical (fulfilling the “function” necessity). This means no awkward fit, scratchy fabric, painful to wear heels or annoying logistics. Balancing the two is a beautiful thing, especially if you are a mother on the run after a toddler. 

    4. Versatility

    It’s obvious that the most versatile items in your closet will get the most use, but you’ll also find it easier to get dressed in the morning when you have plenty of options that can be mixed and matched, dressed up and dressed down. Another great thing is to maintain a constant transitional element in your wardrobe. Buying pieces that can easily go from one season to another by simply layering. When I find a great transitional piece, I literally do a happy dance! I may post a video showcasing the moves, hey NOW! 

    5. Personality 

    Whether your look tends to veer preppy or edgy, your closet needs to reflect your personal style! Not the next door neighbors or your best friends. YOUR PERSONAL STYLE! Our personality and preferences are constantly evolving, and your clothes should evolve with it, so that you feel your outfits are an authentic representation of yourself. If you haven't figured out what your own personal style is, no worries, I AM HERE TO HELP! Feel free to shoot me an email for a consultation or E-Styling services. I have been working with gals from all over the world, no restrictions, thanks to the INTERNET :)